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Art Commissions Re-Opened!

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2012, 7:17 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

Alright I got no job again so here we go!

I'll be offering both my usual My Little Pony commissions as well as commissions for whatever the heck else you want painted. Joy! Paypal Only, I'm sorry. If you want to arrange something else, please contact me via Note and we'll discuss this. No points please - I'm in a financial rut again and they have no use for me plus the currency is seriously undercharged! (1 point = 0.8 of a cent wth?)

My Offers!

Sketchy Sketches $3 (Your choice if you prefer traditional sketches or digital - Traditional gives me the option of being able to mail it out to you in physical form though! =P)
CCC by enigmatia Zahapunzel!! by enigmatiaCan't Touch.. by enigmatia

Comic-Book-Like Full Page Sketches $10 per page
Hope: Destroyed by enigmatia TC: Wait for Lusus by enigmatia
(You provid details on what panels you want done etc unless you're seriously up for a surprise. Coloured in is extra. Comics like the Gamzee one is a bit cheaper coz of copypaste lol)

My Little Pony Character Paintings (MOST POPULAR) - $20 each and $15 for extra ponies you want in a scene. If your ponies are rather plain I'll charge you less! Backgrounds are extra, just tell me what you had in mind.
Celestia.....aaaaarr by enigmatia Pony Commission: Cloud, Sunshine and White by enigmatiaPile o Sugar by enigmatiaPony Commission: Cascade by enigmatiaPony Commission: DamselFly by enigmatiaPony Commission: Nether by enigmatia

Non-Pony painting/coloured artwork of whatever the heck you want! Starting price is $20 - Price is Negotiable.
heralds by enigmatia deviantIDmaybe by enigmatiaCUTTLEFISHIN CUTTLEFISHIN CUTTLEFISHIN by enigmatiaTrickster!Aradiabot - Cinnamon Bun Gumball Machine by enigmatiaFairy Following by enigmatiaDar Wizard by enigmatia

That's right, whatever you want I'll do it. However depending on the complexity of your request I may need to adjust the price accordingly (for simpler ones cheaper, more intricate more expensive). If you liked the style of a painting or coloured artwork I've done in the past, just link me to it and I'll mimic it for you because as you probably know my art style does change frequently.
Concerning that it's a paid commission, I will strive to put the most effort for your piece of work and try to get it as accurate to your imagination as possible. Unfortunately a lot of my recent pieces have been kinda lazy so yeah.

My only rule is I am paid before the finished product is completed. I have many other people you can refer to who have commissioned me in the past who have placed trust on me to complete their work so if you're not ready to trust me here - try contacting one of my previous commissioners (links located in the Commissions folder in my gallery) and ask them about their experience with  me.

Orders are best made via Notes since it's easier to view them than skimming through comments and stuff!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Anybody know a good pixel artist?

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 3:49 AM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

I'm willing to purchase an icon from them so I can make a half-decent return to DeviantArt...

P.S. I have cleared out all of my messages dating back 2011. It's harsh but I am so sick from staying guilty about them. I am going to start afresh, something of which I never done in the years prior and I think is why I drowned myself out of here.

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Where to begin

Journal Entry: Sat May 19, 2012, 11:29 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

I still havent got everything back together yet but I just wanted to say hi!

Other than that... nothing worth hearing from me that I can type in under 5 minutes P:

But I'm still above ground, me heartys!

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 8, 2012, 10:03 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

That i am free

No more debt paid in ponies.

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Crossing the Border Between Tastes

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2012, 12:21 AM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

So you get the spooky sort, and you've got the girly sort, and then you've got the ultra-girly-cupcake sort and then you've got the obnoxious sort and then you've got the nerdy sort and then you've got the mainstream sort and then you've got..........................

Ok I've been doing some self analysis in my long brooding "Alone Time" sessions and the issue is, I haven't settled on one damn thing.
Within a month of work I go from something funky like this
Dar Wizard by enigmatia

to something cute like this
Pavlova and Lamington by enigmatia

to something as creepy as this
Equestria Girls ft. Equius by enigmatia

to something as... indescribable as this
I think nobody will get this by enigmatia

to something as please-pass-the-artificial-sweetner-because-this-is-way-too-much-calories-for-me as this
Pavlova Puff (Competition Entry) by enigmatia

And to remember the list of genres extends much further than this the deeper in time we go...
scifirococofantasyhippyobnoxioushumorphilosophicalhomestuck mythical1950shypercolourscienctificponiesmythologyhipstersuggestivetotallylameculturalpsychological


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that was the plan

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 23, 2011, 12:13 AM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK…

The plan. The whole time.

Nothing useful from me :/ I'll be back when the pony commissions are over, which is today plus 3 days more of drawing the last 3 commissions. fml.

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Is This Freedom At Last?

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 17, 2011, 10:48 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK



..........UNTIL I GET A JOB.

Oh and yeah, technically right now I am doing another "free" uni course to try before I start going there fully-fledged... next year. BUT THAT DOESN'T COUNT.

Now here is a graphical data chart showing my annual industrial production for the past 2 years:

As you can see in this diagram moneterial cuts had to be made.

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Internet and Real Life

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 6:40 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

How do you balance it?..

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A Summary of a Massive Month

Journal Entry: Fri May 27, 2011, 6:42 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

Hey guys, haven't written about myself in ages, but I've been in 2 out of 3 school musicals, and today is my last! Because I've been wanting to brag to someone besides my Pinkie Pie doll - I have a small solo! It's only one line though LOL but it's a solo that there are only 4 lead positions, and there being 2 minor solo leads, I'm happy to have gotten the place because I'd be overestimating myself for a main since I've never actually sung in front of a group besides with others in a choir P: My mum plans to record the musical tonight, and hopefully at least my part in the play. So maybe I can stick it up on YT for you guys to see? Stay tuned!

PONY -> And I got a fashion MY Little Pony: FiM Doll! This would be my first pony ever! There were only Rarity and Pinkie Pie available but of COURSE I chose my fave pink gal :'D temp (In between an old MLP plush from tasertail and my 17 year old Leeza inspiration.) Pinkie is on my side table and watches me sleep.
With all her stuff on ->

Art Comp I'm guessing only finding this article now, my pig painting didn't win its catergory D: I was hoping they would have snuck in a photo of the painting for you to see, but it was kinda shoddy to begin with, but I'll take my own photo or something.

HAIR -> temp
It's this loooooooong. I might go black-er again but my friend suggested dying it dark reddish-purple too. I like both choices. What seems more like an enigmatia thing to wear guys???

DRIVING -> I have finally started driving. It's not as scary as I thought it was! It's almost addictive-ly fun! I have 12 hours under my belt from 4 instructor lessons (1 hour with instructor = 3 hours)

??? :( -> Looking for answers on this.. got 2 confirmations, but I'm still awaiting a payed psychiatrists opinion that I have self-defeating personality disorder. I hate having to tell this as a reason why I am acting poorly in terms of communication or why I am unable to finish things or why I act so over-the-top when people are really nice to me. By putting this out on my journal, I hope I'll be indirect with my explanation so that someone who recognises a personality problem with me can pick up the pieces :/

I don't want to avoid any of you at all, because I'd LOVE to talk with you guys and on top of this, distancing myself holds me so much guilt. Even the 120 messages in my inbox are killing me.
I constantly and purposely overwhelm myself with tasks (online, and in RL) with more that can fit on my plate, and I do have trouble finding time to chat with you guys..... Also, I cannot accept help from people when I'm given it or accept why people are kind to me.
I can't accept my artwork for very long and I don't tell anyone I enjoy anything like winning too much either. Like this Friday, art teacher congratulated me in having a painting of mine be accepted into a competition.. well most complements I nod humbly, never smile hehe. Same with that night when she congratulated me on my mini solo performance. Eh. This has happened for years anyway, but when there is a big inviting group of friends, I cry when I am invited to join in with them. I was welling up with tears when my musical group was singing "If I Had You" in a capella. Huuuuuuuge Adam Lambert fan, I know the song off by heart but I didn't join in because I knew most of the people singing it where in the Glee Choir group (which I got rejected in the sign ups :/) and I suppose I just felt I wasn't good enough.... Perfectionism? Or setting the bar too high? I've only gotten back into singing for almost a year.

....I dunno, but finding this disorder out (which I personally evaluated myself 2nd after my friend, then with a kinda expert on the topic, all of which I fit into around 80% wholeheartedly to the criteria) is helping me, internally familiarise an answer as to why I have been subconsciously degrading myself over the last 2 years, and have less time to do anything I enjoy then people my age should. Fun rarely comes to me, and it sucks that enjoy that so much. Leisure time gets me anxious.

And that's pretty much the end of most of what I'm hiding in my life, heh :/ I don't have anybody to talk to about this, so writing this out to the general public is really just for anyone willing to listen. I have a lot of great friends I know I could go to, but me not being there for you when you guys were down because I was too busy bogging myself down, it just doesn't make it fair in the slightest that I should go spill my guts out to you when I haven't let myself time to allow you.

I say, yes, events in my life that eat up my time is out of my control. But also, it is in my control to stop taking new tasks on. From my readings, the disorder happens when I am very anxious, and I want something to relieve that anxiety - which is the piles of tasks to do. Creating more tasks. Worrying about other people. Coming back to places where I feel guilty. Trying to go out and talk to my friends, but then signing out again reminding myself I should be working elsewhere.

A cycle.

Ok. Re-reading this, maybe this month wasn't as massive. I'm missing bits and pieces on a deeper personal level, but I guess it's just a jist.

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zim-secrets2?? Any word on it?

Journal Entry: Fri May 13, 2011, 11:08 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

Why the heck is Zim-Secrets2 deactivated?

Worst of all, all the secrets are deactivated with it, so they've been removed too!
zim-secrets version 1 still hasn't be touched, thank goodness. We need to archive that stuff, it's history.

Anyone have any hints on it? I used to love commenting, and even if I couldn't always respond, it was still cool to read.

And to yaw slightly from the topic - is Z-S really devastating friends in the fandom? Is it worth joining in on or should it stay eradicated?


Shinsta312 has already found the new one - :iconzim-secrets-iii: - thank you!

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Journal Entry: Mon May 2, 2011, 1:26 AM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

I can't believe it. Osama Bin Laden. Today.

I dunno about anyone else, but to me he sounded like some distant figure in the media who could somehow spark a war or something... *

Well someone was quick to jump on it on the Wikipedia page!
I bet some nerd there was HOUNDING the day to make that entry, man.

I didn't watch Obama's speech live, damn. I don't understand the whole story but it would have sounded important, like the first man on the moon.

And like, I did every effort
to watch

the stupid
Royal Wedding. **


that is all



*sorry for sounding so ignorant :(

** For artistic purposes, of course. I kinda need it for something I'm working on.

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Wow, wow, wow!! - edit

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 19, 2011, 7:30 PM
★ ☆ artwork by PichuK

This week was certainly my most welcomed week (:

Thank you so much everyone who already given me their messages :thanks: It isn't even my birthday just yet on the dA Calander and I've already got a bounty of messages! (In the Southern Hemisphere though, my birthday is indeed today!)

I'd love to put out there all the gifts I've received, in order of receival:


1. :iconsavagebinn: savagebinn  - An early surprise; 3 Months deviantART Subscription!

2. :icongrim-adventures: grim-adventures - A poem and a drawing of my fan character Little Orange! All I really would ask for are poems.. I love special literature, although I can never feel myself able to critical analyse it.. Just enjoy it and feel special it was written just for me :)
:thumb205459660: She also drew Vee! :love: :thumb205501150:

3. :icontasertail: tasertail - A CUTE 3 piece tea set (Tea cup, teacup plate and cake plate, all with a traditional rosie theme!), 3 nummy Darell Lea Easter eggs and a pair of matching jewelled mini-icecream friendship necklaces! They're pink and blue - I got the pink one with the word "Best", Milly has the one with "Friends" :giggle: I hope to take pictures of the teaset soon!

4. :iconinvdrdana: InvdrDana - This was rather surprising.. 15 Points, Another 3 Month deviantART Subscription, and LOX GIVING ME SURPRISE FLOWERS*. YOU!!!! :glomp::iconsuperglompplz:

5. :iconskooiscoo:SkooIsCoo just gave me a Cake badge! It's so cute! XD Thank you!!! And to realise that my day STILL hasn't ended... B-Day Gift: He Returns by SkooIsCoo My full explanation of how close I am to short-circuiting myself from this exitement overload!!! Thank you!

6. :icondragonious:Dragonious gave me a 1 year deviantART subscription on top of that! My subscription was already chock-loaded now but thank you!!!!!

7. :iconpichuk:PichuK - I honestly do not understand how you knew about this gal unless you watch my scraps or found those pages in my lost sketchbook, because I got a BETHANIE. She's part of something I've been working on since 9th grade and anything anyone draws of these guys is really really sweet.. Maybe it's your similar obsession of drawing monstery looking characters and I'm taking this way too personally omglol.. ]: :thumb205553929: :icondatassplz: Yeaaaaah.

My parents also gave me $50 for my birthday, but which I already put $40 to pay for half of the new tablet off, and $10 I saved for today to go buy a new black coloured liner...which I really needed! :tmnt3:

At some point with these messages I received I didn't know what more to right. It's funny how a deviantART indicator could really do something to you!!!


Somewhere around this hour I am typing, I'll have completed my 17th revolution around the Sun... exactly :iconwaggleplz:

P.S Adam Lambert didn't give me a new song release, but Lady Gaga did; exactly on the 19th of April lol. I don't really like it though :[ Lambert hasn't ever made a new song since I discovered him last year so bah humbug!

All in cliche as this sounds.. this is my best birthday ever. I know I sound like another birthday girl but I've never got so much attention for a birthday befpre. It's every year a cake and $50 with me, but this year I feel like something a lot more special. Something I can sleep with a smile with tonight (:

You guys are wonderful friends.

*I dunno why, but  I have to say that simple gesture was just darling as much as surprising..


p.s enigmatia is a typical over-reactive ENFP lol

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Update From the E!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 16, 2011, 5:23 PM
I Wish I Had A Wikipedia Page by irradiation PUSSIES DON'T ABSCOND by irradiation You Ants Are Real Mofos. by irradiation Invisible People by irradiation Lemonade Love by irradiation

Question 1:  Is anyone interested in watching me on Livestream?

Question 2: Anyone know any dancey-techno music?
I need something to help me keep energised when I'm jumping on my Inspiration Trampoline (I get my ideas from a trampoline, shush :'D) I prefer if there were some words to it because I adore singing lyrics.

What's new with this Bru??

    ★ Got a new tablet! :D It's about a quarter of the size of my last one, but hopefully this one is better quality. ☆ I don't feel like I've improved much with my art... and after locating some of my older works from 2010/late 2009, I realise my style looked a lot cooler then then it does now :/ Does anyone else here think my older stuff was better than my new stuff now? ★ I'm now the new founder of ZIM-Lovers and MembranexToast :XD: It was pretty dead so I'm hoping to get them back on their feet. ☆ School holidays started though again, I am as busy as heck :( But mostly with Art commissions I need to catch up on, so that's good! ★ I mostly slept the past 6 days because of all the heavy stuff going on in the final weeks. To be honest, over-slept ;P I'm still recollecting myself but because of it all I haven't really been inspired to draw at all. Though I did try a bit to finish some of my older works. ☆ Having troubles with Adobe Flash player? I think it uninstalled itself on my computer or something because nothing is playing. Any computer techies out there? :/ I'll draw you something or shower you in flower petals and carry you on my back all throughout India, whatever you want :iconbegplz: ★ Tomorrow I hope to search some second hand stores for old, donated My Little Ponys! Most hoping for a previous generation, but any will do. As a little stress-reliever I decided that it would be fun to try my hand at making a custom or two :excited: I'm going with this Tutorial here ->… I'm excited! :iconawesomedanceplz: THIS SONG IS GETTING ME EXCITED. Only because I made up this imaginary promise that Adam Lambert would sing me a new song before my birthday as a gift to me :'D (Remember I'm a freak). He still hasn't released anything except this....… The quality is meh because I can hardly tell between who is singing what between Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert but WHATEVER Funny though because the video was submitted last November?... :iconwhooplz:

:iconzim-lovers: :iconmembranextoast:
Feel free to browse and/or join! :D
My bite is nothing bigger than a KB, and nowhere near a MB!

A huge thank you to savagebinn - it was totally unexpected and to obtain out of her our own pocket to give me this subscription for an early birthday surprise :) :tighthug:

COMMISSIONS (in order of time of request):

I hope I can get through all these today - you guys waited long enough! :doh: savagebinn's might not make it today, I still have a bit to go.

Art Trades I Promised And Still Haven't Followed Up On! (I'm so sorry about that :'()

I'mma be busy! :faint:

Enchantress by MahmudAsrar Jellyfish by Qinni WaterOrchid by LadyOwl Mukudori Robin by myhilary 7DS those younger brothers by nyanray

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A scientist held three animals in a cage - a cat, a mouse, and an elephant. These animals are all a danger to each other. (cat catches mice, mice scares elephant, elephant crushes cat).
What animal should the scientist add to the cage, so none of the animals are in danger anymore?
Work it out, or if you can't, look at comments for answer.

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I Feel Cool :D + Lame Art Theives + Tablet Stroke

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 14, 2011, 2:52 AM
I Wish I Had A Wikipedia Page by irradiation PUSSIES DON'T ABSCOND by irradiation You Ants Are Real Mofos. by irradiation Invisible People by irradiation Lemonade Love by irradiation


InvaderCON is coming in 2 weeks!
And some of you might already know that chick Enigmatia was the gal who designed the logo =P Feeling sinfully prideful, G-searched "InvaderCON" and found my icon around these places…………
These guys are totally vacuuming up monies out of my stuff* but I don't mind all so much - I'm having the pleasure knowing that my hero since my Billy and Mandy fan-days Richard Horvitz will acknowledge my presence - or at least, an art piece by me ;P

This is probably the most proudest achievement as an artist I've ever done since the comment my Grade 1 teacher said about how great I was doing the remake of the famous sunflowers field painting with pastels. I think that really kicked me into loving to do art more. From then on it went from drawing butterflies in MS Paint, to Neopets, to cats and to dodgy looking anime.

I really would love to purchase this package btw:…

Just. Eh. I wonder if they'd kill me for making my own shirt somehow LOL

P.S. This is the coolest. Costume. Ever.

*They're vacumming, but they sorta payed me off with the Dinner of Doom Ticket. A shout out to Dana - a fan since the day it was first released, was the gal who deserves the passing on of the prize :D (So for those of you who wondered - I'll tell you, it didn't go wasted!)

For those of you who aren't going - I hope to see you next time they come up! We'll both be having out firsts :D

ZIMMS CORNER by tasertail



• Well, I'll put this out there first - My tablet doesn't work on the left side. I'm praying this won't die before I finish the birthday gift, the commission and my last art trade for the semester :pray:

• I didn't get the princess part of the musical :( Or any part besides the choral...

• I haven't had a Internet life in about a year and a half LOL

Now for the Theiving....

Check this out for original:
Not Cool. Cheerful Circumstances by enigmatia
Since when Lox wore a miniskirt, I dunno.

Eeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww. Gir and Zim. by enigmatia
And the worst recolour I've seen yet.
Frankly, I'm close to saying... keep the picture. It's hideous and you've helped me come to light what type of people come and give 230+ faves on it!!

Here is a list of people I found that art styles change REAL quick, if you get what I'm saying. Maybe one of these are yours? I already recognise some of my friend's!……
This is only 10 minutes of searching.. and I cannot stand using Facebook so I left :(

Bitter Old Man Cupid colour by Cotton-gravy The Tale and the Twisted Tale by Nayzak Aurora B by lovelauraland My dearest prince by Alicechan Whisper by medusainfurs

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My death was 8 inches away today.

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 7, 2011, 4:25 AM
A lightening bolt struck the passenger seat's door, the seat I was sitting in.

If I could describe the experience in one sentence.. An explosion of light, about 20 inches across, blasted at me at shoulder height, 8 inches away.

It came at my door on an angle of 45 degrees or so, directly towards me. I was tipping my body towards the car door, however I didn't touch the glass. The door is plastic/polyester, thank goodness.

The sound it made was FANTASTIC. Rather than hearing a boom like you'd hear in the distance, it was an incredible zingy noise..
I tried to find a video that sounded like it, this was as close as I could find… The difference was, the sound was REALLY heavy with a boom and you can hear the metal on the car door vibrate. Amazing noise.. it was amazing. Kinda like that heavy electro-bass sound in the background of Sneaky Sound System's song, "Pictures". Wow...

My mum was driving me to my last Uni exam, there was an electrical storm right above us. It was like about 7:45 am then P: I am surprised how fast I recovered. I didn't really think about it though, but now I am. I'm really stirred. Thank you God. And thank you Faraday. That car was a Faraday's Cage for me. And to think, 2 years ago I told my mum "I reckon it'd be cool to be old Faraday back in the day when people thought he was nuts for sitting in a wire cage in the middle of a crop field!".
And here I experienced it.
Amazing. Amazing.

Anyway. Thought I might share that story with you. I don't often write self-narratives, I'll tell ya that!



What do you think of :iconmaryhalley:'s "Invader Zim Movie" project? Is it a little far fetched?
The idea.. kinda irks me with all the crossovers with JTHM. The girl is obviously a self-insert.
I know for one, I facepalm at my own work. I can imagine if someone was doing some story with my characters that I didn't really give the A-OK on and then see the self-inserts.. I'd be a little embarrassed :(
But that is just my deep down honest opinion. I've seen it for a while, and I like to admire the fact that they have the will-power to go with the movie. But I quite like the show as it is. People I'm reading this are seeing it as a Invader Zim bring-back for the movie that they never got.. but hey, I'm a big fan, and I feel pretty fine without it :shrug:


Other than that:
- My Accounting university course is done with as of today! All I need to know is my results. I just hope I got at least a borderline pass with this because doing this exam was the only hope I had left before failing it :(

- About universities, I feel pretty awesomely achieved for being only 16 years old, and having already completed 2 University courses. And I'm no prodigy.

- My tablet is about to kick the bucket! And I can't find a replacement for a similar price! $60, hehe, it served me well for nearly 2 years.

- New obsessions to add to my already over-eventful life:
    - My Little Ponies - Homestuck - This particular peachy shade of pink (been getting a lot of pretty accessories in this colour - for no real reason since my school doesn't allow non-school colours!) Like a Pink-orange mixture. Blahblah. - Quoting Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff. And hug bunping tasertail. - This song I just discovered today by MIKA;… Haunting. Beautiful. - In all my excitement, I forgot about "Hanna's Not a Boys Name". Awesome webcomic no doubt.

- I want to be a princess.

Peacock by emilywarrenart .Just Mika by RetroRock Lotus Flower Centerpiece 2 by Battledress Gaga by Taraakian Abandoned Harbor by VoltaCrew
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Artists, how well do YOU see colour?

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 28, 2011, 1:14 AM
Take this test!…

My score :D I'm pretty proud at the moment! (waiting for your results, heh) My colouring skeelzurs must have come in handy a bit to get me a low score! (Lower is better)


  • My new year of school started this Monday! I was too tired to go to school, kinda drained out, especially emotionally, but I made it alive, hehe

  • I signed up for the school's musical! :D It's an original production! I signed up for a leading role (3 female, 1 male). I hope to be the Jealous princess I think hehe, but I wouldn't mind any other of the 3 female lead roles. Audition is on Wednesday! :iconnervousplz:
    I'm hoping this will help me go out of my Social anxiety phase so wish me luck on both behalves!

  • I have my final Accounting exams for University in next week or so. Overall, my mark currently is 46%, less than a C, meaning right now I'm failing :( I hope the exam will boost my mark up at least over the 50% though! And the assignment, due 30th. That's worth 25% of my grade. The test is 15% so  I hope I at least run out with a borderline pass I swear!

  • I have drawn a lot of sketches lately! I doubt I want to submit a lot of them, but I'd like to still keep you all knowing that I still draw stuff in my time! :D


Less important news about me:

- I've taken a new liking to pink fluffy stuff D: You know, stuff like this headache of a journal. Your headache is my fantasyyyy.
- I made this journal! :D With the help of the journal.. template thing that they give out. And that lovely guidesheet. I'm not bad with CSS, but I didn't have time to work on it from scratch. Just like my good ole Neopets days. Hehehe.
- I have severe social anxiety. But today, I finally grabbed the guts to talk. It's like nothing had ever happened :icongirchickenplz:
- I am led to believe my vocal range is C3-A5. Thanks to this… Those are the notes I can do fine, just before I start to sound really weak. I dunno. The whole school musical business got me curious.
- My ability to draw has been.. bleh. I don't think I improved much in the past 2 weeks or so. Eh. Busy.
- Gwah. I am now having appointments with the school Guidance Officer :| Wth.
- Not to long ago, I rediscovered one of my favourite singers; MIKA. Behold the stamp in honour of his awesomeness on your very right hand side!
- Some of the Homestuck music I downloaded is quite relaxing. Wow. I needed that man.


Series I need to finish:
Homestuck Act 4
Summer Heights High Episode 3
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Episode 2
InvaderSaik's "The Beginning" Page 44
Deathnote Episode 10??
Hanna's Not a Boy's Name ???
Damn and I still want to watch that nasty "Superjail" :XD:

Sparkles by MD-Arts Artists by Nyyq moneypenny and me by DawnElaineDarkwood Mika by EmilyHitchcock Veteran by yondus BLACK WIDOW by Yayashin Aradiana by PkunkBwok
(Ok that last one is just to inspire me to finish that comic. But that piece is pretty damn COOL, I swear.)
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  • Watching: I WISH I had time for the darn TV ;(
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Happy New Year From Australia!

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 31, 2010, 6:15 AM
If there is any holiday that the world can all celebrate, it's New Years :)

The picture above was a photo taken from this year's show in Sydney. It's traditionally broadcast in Australia at 9pm (though I always miss it!)

Here's to a good new year! I hope you've got your resolutions all done up!

For those who don't get to enjoy the fireworks, here are some simulators:… I like how this is easy to work :iconbiggrinplz:

I Love Fireworks Stamp by Mirz123
As you can tell, I LOVE fireworks! They're amazing to watch! Though I've mainly seen them on TV, the ones in RL were never too fantastic compared to the real shows, though still pretty.

:bulletred: Does anyone watch the Vienna New Year's Day Concert? If anyone knows anything about me, they ought to know I LOVE watching orchestras. Especially enjoy watching the composer get so alive in the music. Which reminds me of a character I've made and still haven't forgotten...

:bulletred: The Edinburgh Military Tattoo! Does anyone hear watch that? It's held on New Year's Day in Edinburgh, also a invigorating and certainly powerful music performance to watch.

I've got my glowsticks on :D


P.S You will most probably find my profile atm very intensive with all the images. That I'll have to thank littlecheese for for the subscription :) :heart:
But seriously, I'll fix that. D:

New Years Resolutions!

:bulletyellow: Focus on your work, especially school. The doors will be wide open in the future if you do what you're supposed to now.
:bulletyellow: Try to get out there more often, you know you're an extravert waiting to explode so don't let Social Anxiety get the better of you!
:bulletyellow: You're capable of anything when you try. So try. At least once. Then see if you can come back to it later.
:bulletyellow: Improve anatomy. Improve realism. Improve humor.
:bulletyellow: Feel free to express yourself how you want. Don't let people see you as unconfident.
:bulletyellow: Improve singing! You sound terrible!
:bulletyellow: Turn the volume down!
:bulletyellow: Learn to draw males. You know you can do it.
:bulletyellow: Don't be intimidated by people you think are totally cool. ESPECIALLY if they want to talk to you. They'll get disinterested in you if you keep postponing talking back.
:bulletyellow: Enjoy the stars more often.
:bulletyellow: Refrain from purchasing Lambert's second album.
:bulletyellow: Learn to LOVE accounting.
:bulletyellow: Draw fan art of Tevye, Terry Pratchett, Billy and Mandy, Pavarotti.
:bulletyellow: Don't worry about what people think too much. You're cool in your own ways :lol:
:bulletyellow: Stop feeling so guilty all the time. Just move on.
:bulletyellow: Love who you are. You do already, but maybe a little more. Like your hair IS pretty cool. Ponytails are cute.
:bulletyellow: Grow hair incredibly long.
:bulletyellow: Drink more water. It ain't gonna kill you. Even if it tastes like metal no matter what D:
:bulletyellow: Learn to LOVE your art for longer than a week!
:bulletyellow: Keep the stress down. Please. It's effecting your health now.
:bulletyellow: Don't be scared of the doctor!

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If I did Point Commissions...

Mon Dec 27, 2010, 9:07 PM

..How much would you pay me?

Please, take a minute! Even if you're not interest, honest opinions are all I need! Results will be revealed in the next journal!

A lot of people can't pay or earn real money (I'm one of those people ._.) so how much in points would YOU give me for one of my works? I can do Digital Paintings, Cartoon Illustrations and Sketches.


Cartoon Illustrations: &… &… &…
Time takes 1 to 2 hours depending on:
  • How Many Characters

  • Background Complexity

Digital Paintings:… &… &… &
Time takes 4+ hours.
I'm still new to them, so I can't trust a perfect result, but I WILL put my heart's effort! Prices depend on:
  • Fullbody/portrait?

  • How Many Characters?

  • Background Complexity

I'm better at drawing females and Irkens, sorry :( You could give it a gamble with me drawing males/furry creatures but I'm afraid I may let you down.

Pen… won't do these, but just to give you an idea)

I'm not too neat with sketches so these would certainly be far cheaper, and probably a better choice for people without monies.


I'll be honest, I'm not totally keen on dA Points because I have no idea what to use them for, I'm certainly not interested in paying money I worked hard for on deviantART Subscriptions either :/ But nobody was interested in a commission otherwise. I mean, I even made myself a Paypal account just for it! XD


Please consider that I work hard on my art for personal achievement, so please do not underestimate me. I make sure to make every work as unique as possible, and will not stop to fix any errors. If you'd like, I am always happy to show you the WIPs.

80 dA Points = 1 USD

A rough estimate is good enough! Base the price suggestion on the examples I've given you.


Thank you! :)

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  • THERE IS A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! What will be your weapon of choice and why?

  • School holidays started for me! Whee!

  • Last week I was diagnosed with PCOS, also known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Bleh! But before anyone frets, it’s not painful or anything. However, it does have a lot of downsides. I’m treating symptoms for it now with the contraceptive pill :lol: Hopefully it’ll be ok!

  • I still feel quite emotionally drained at the moment. I have a friend who has difficulty controlling thoughts and feelings, and sometimes can’t hold out those feelings before she can go to the psychiatrist again, but thankfully, she’s going there as often as possible.

  • Poor sleep schedule from working heavily on 3 assignments due in the same week – next week! And probably started from that night I worked until 2 am on B-S. I’ve nearly finished my 2nd Uni assignment, which still needs an 1 page essay, and I need to work on one Art assignment and my English speech presentation. And I thought we could have breaks in school holidays! :shakefish: All that said, I have no free time, really.

  • I am in such a baking hype :D So far my greatest creations would be the pineapple cream cake and the Black Forest cake– it even tastes like real Black Forest! T’was a little celebratory for my Blood-Sport competition.

  • This round of BS is FINALLY over! Thank you all for reading and sending your appreciative messages :) Although I couldn’t reply to them all (especially the longer ones – I’m saving that for when I have a full damn hour on here! :doh:), and not as quickly as I hope, I still read every one of them and they certainly put smiles on my face :)

And! Memes! Snoot was tagged 3 times for this :iconimthinkingplz: Thank you InvaderSaik calanthablue & Unknown-D-Flamerose :B I can’t do 24 facts yet, but I’ll hope I can do you guys with 15. I haven’t gotten to know her well myself either!
It did mean since I first got tagged, to think more deeply about my character. I keep referring to Snoot as both a he and she, but it doesn't really matter.
Post 8 facts about your character.
- Tag 8 other characters.
- Post their names with the creators avatars.
- No tag backs.

1. All Snoot’s past lives where male. Hence the big “OH GOD WHY DID I BREAK THIS FLAWLESS CHAIN?

2. He’ll always try to find something wrong with someone to bag them out about it. Things like “You should study practical classes, like advanced mathematics or war tactics!” or “You should really remove that hideous mole from off your forehead, it’s incredibly inappropriate.” or “You shouldn’t do that, that isn’t following Irken standards! I will report you, you know!”

3. He’s the sort of guy to tell off the indecently dressed, people who pirate DVD’s but don’t make profit, listen to modern music, or anyone with individuality or like to have fun :lol: The sort of guy that can really piss you off. The sort of guy in grade 2 used to say “I’M TELLING ON YOU YOU USED SOMEONE ELSES CRAYON THAT’S UNETHICAL”.

4. Since the incident of becoming a young female Irken, he became displeased with himself, however keeps his head high and acts like nothing happened. What a loser :lol:

5. He really doesn’t like anyone (probably because everyone is inferior in some way :XD:) however doesn’t mind the company of others. Just hopefully they don’t mind his constant remarks!

6. He still calls himself a he, however all everyone else will deem him a she. Because it’s damn-well annoying!

7. He trims his eyelashes and uncurls his antennae often to maintain some masculinity. However he can never work-off those kilos :(

8. Hypocritical often. However if you catch him out he’ll viciously deny it. He’s a little softer with his denials now since the change though ;P

9. Snoot is now only short, although is smart as he used to be. However since he is still young, and has to age before he can retain his full height again. Be patient, Snoot!

10. He often plots to take another’s body in order to retain height faster.

11. He still thinks he has Invader privileges. Owning a SIR, driving a Voot and the like.

12. He had his SIR unit confiscated after the Smeet-watchers knew he had one, and replaced it with a plush replica.

13. Planet Goop is currently invaded by.. some other Invader,  I dunno who yet, anyone. But they’re in for trouble once he gets there and see it’s taken!

14. Most FAVOURITE pass time – making extremely intricate snowflake cut-outs. Lord knows why.

15. He used to be a fairly tall Invader and by nature extremely preachy. He complains a lot and is a severely determined loyalist. Kinda an obvious fact, but I run out :( I need to know him more.

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